Master Precision And Efficiency With CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes

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Using down-acting rise, it can also be easily processed for larger cases. The driving devices are stored in the lower part of the main body of the equipment, and the bending method is adopted by raising the worktable. In this way, the space between the stands is com-pletely freed up and even larger workpieces can be easily machined.
The central pressure method is adopted to prevent insufficient force in the middle of the bent workpiece and realize high-precision

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Using Down-acting Ascent Enables Simple Machining Of Larger Workpieces.the Dr/ve Device Is Hidden In The Lower Part Of The Main Body Of The Equipment, Which Saves The Space Between The Frames, And Can Process Even Larger Workpieces.
• using Central Pressure To Prevent Insufficient Force In The Middle Of The Workpiece
To Meet The Process/ng Of High-precision Products.
• During Processing, The Worktable Is Stable And Will Not Move.the Roller Guide
Mechanism Is Arranged In The Front, Rear,left And Right Directions Of The Lower
Worktable, Which Can Make The Worktable Move Smoothly,and Can Easily Adjust
The Gap Between The Rollers And The Guide Blocks,so As To Minimize The Guide Wear Of The Worktable.
• Excellent Frame Structure Design Keeps High Precision Requirements Even After Long-term Use. The Upper Worktable Adopts The Oblique Block Fixing Method To
Avoid Distortion And D/sturbance In The Welding Frame And Ensure The Accuracy Of Long-term Use. The Micro-elastic Deformation Of The Frame During Processing Can
Be Fine-tuned In Front Of The Workbench.
• The Lower Limit Pos/tion Of The Lower Table Is Set By Reading The Encoder Pos/tion.
In This Des/gn,different Lower Limit Pos/tions Can Be Set According To Different Bend-
Ing Lengths, Thereby Improving The Bending Efficiency.
• Is Designed With Step-by-step Arc Bending Function, And The Back Gauge Moves For- Ward At Equal Distances. Each Time It Moves, One Bend Is Made, And The Desired Radian And Included Angle Are Formed After Many Times Of Bending.
• Back-pull Avoidance Function,by Setting The Back-pull Pos/tion And The Back-pull Delay, The Workpiece Can Be Prevented From Conflicting With The Back Stop During
The Process Of Machining The Workpiece.
• The Function Of Counting The Total Number Of Bending Pieces.
Mquick Splint Is Easy To Use And Has Applied For A Patent.
• When The Lower Bending Machine Is Ascending And Bending, The Motor Drives The Gear Pump To Output Force,and When It Is Descending And Returning,it Is Realized By The Weight Of The Worktable /tself, And The Motor Idling Saves Energy.
• Wy-100 Adopts The Oil Circuit Design Of One Ma/n Oil Cylinder And Two Auxiliary Oil Cylinders, Which Can Real/ze The Synchronous Action Of The Lower Worktable,the Output Is Uniform, And The Worktable Is Not Easily Deformed.

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Model and related configuration
Mode WY-100 WY-35
CNC system Hollysy5 Hollysys
Servo system Panasonic/Fuj Panasonic/Fuj
Servo moto Pangsonic/Fuj panasonic/Fuj
Force(KN) 1000 350
Bending length(mm) 3000 1400
Up-down stroke(mm) 100 100
Throat depth(mm) 405 300
No.Cylinder 3(1 mgin.2Auxiliary) 1
Up movement speed(mm/sec) 58 46
Bending speed(mm/sec) 10.8 8
Approaching speed(mm/sec) 52 40
Upper and lower dimensions of baffle(mm) 55-140 55-140
Allowable force of baffle(N) 100 100
Backgauge positioning precision(mm) ±0.1 ±0.1
X axis stroke(mm) 430 430
X-axis max. Feeding speed(mm/min) 15 15
X-axis repositioning precision(mm) ±0.02 ±0.02
Motor power(KW) 5.5 2.2
Weight(kg 6700 2200
Oil tank capacity(L) 65 30

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In today's modern industrial landscape, precision and efficiency are two key factors that determine the success of any manufacturing process. When it comes to metal fabrication, CNC hydraulic press brakes have become the backbone of countless industries around the world. These powerful machines utilize advanced technology and innovation to deliver superior bending capabilities, ensuring precise results every time. In this blog, we will explore the importance of CNC hydraulic press brakes and how they are revolutionizing the metalworking industry.

Unleash power and precision:

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, and when used with a hydraulic press brake, it provides an unrivaled level of control and precision. These machines are equipped with advanced computer software that allows the operator to program and control various parameters such as bend angle, distance between bends, backgauge position, etc. This level of precision ensures that every bend is consistent and meets required specifications, minimizing errors and increasing productivity.

Easy and flexible:

One of the most significant advantages of CNC hydraulic press brakes is their ability to handle a variety of materials and thicknesses. These machines can easily form sheet metal into complex shapes with minimal adjustments, saving time and reducing downtime. Whether it’s stainless steel, aluminum or mild steel, CNC hydraulic press brakes can handle them all. The flexibility provided by these machines enables manufacturers to meet different customer needs, thereby enhancing their competitive advantage.

Energy efficiency:

As concerns grow about the environmental impact of industrial processes, energy efficiency has become an important criterion for manufacturers. CNC hydraulic press brakes are designed to be very energy efficient because they operate using hydraulic systems rather than electricity. This design minimizes power consumption, reduces operating costs, and aligns with sustainable practices. In addition, modern CNC bending machines are equipped with energy-saving features such as automatic shut-off and standby mode to further optimize efficiency.

Increase productivity:

In the highly competitive manufacturing world, time is money, and CNC hydraulic press brakes deliver results at impressive speeds. The ability to program and automate repetitive tasks eliminates human error while significantly reducing production time. These machines feature faster cycle times, quick tool changes and automated material handling ensuring increased productivity. Manufacturers can easily take on large projects within tight deadlines, thereby increasing profitability.

Precision engineering for future innovation:

With the continuous advancement of technology, CNC hydraulic bending machines are also constantly improving. The integration of machine learning, artificial intelligence and advanced sensors paves the way for predictive maintenance and adaptive control systems. These innovations increase machine uptime, accuracy and overall performance, allowing manufacturers to achieve unparalleled precision in their metal fabrication processes. By embracing these advancements and staying at the forefront of technological advancement, industries can unlock new possibilities for future growth.

In conclusion:

CNC hydraulic bending machines have become an indispensable tool in the metal processing industry. These machines combine precision, flexibility, energy efficiency and increased productivity to revolutionize the way metal is fabricated. As manufacturers strive to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving market, investing in a CNC hydraulic press brake is key to mastering precision and efficiency. Embrace this technology and see how it can transform your production processes and take your business to new heights.

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