March 28-31, 2024 Hanzhi CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.

March 28-31, 2024 Hanzhi CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. exhibited fully-electric servo bending centers, fully-electric servo bending machines, hydraulic bending machines and other machine tools at Booth H10 in Hall 4 of the ITES industrial exhibition in Shenzhen.


Fully electric servo bending machine makes the bending machine from oil to electric transformation more convenient, fast, in the true sense of the realization of the new energy era in the field of bending, eliminating the cost of maintenance of the oil circuit in the later stage, in terms of efficiency, but also greatly improve the production speed, energy saving, emission reduction.


Hanzhi's unique design attracted many Chinese and foreign businessmen to stop to watch and consult. Many of them became potential customers through the on-site equipment display and appreciated the accuracy of the equipment.


The exhibition is a feast for the industry, but also a rewarding journey, bringing back many valuable opinions from end customers and potential customers, Hanzhi CNC equipment in the machinery industry has achieved long-term development, with a certain brand precipitation, steady development. We will continue to improve the management system, accelerate the brand building process, rationally face the market demand, and create more high-quality products to serve the majority of users.


Post time: Apr-25-2024