Smart Battery Box Car Battery Box for New Energy Vehicles

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Control Box Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Service Metal Laser Cutting Bending welding Processing
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Storage, transport, handling, industrial, agricultural, for bulk materials, building industry and automotive industry.
Laser Cutting, Precision Stamping, Bending, CNC Punching, Threading, Riveting, Drilling, Welding etc
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Brushing, Polishing, Anodizing, Powder Coating, Plating, Silkscreen printing, Sandblast, etc
Hot-dip galvanized
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1. The appearance and overall structure of the battery box shall comply with GB/T 18384.1-2001 Safety Requirements for Electric Vehicles - Part 1: On-board Energy Storage Device, which has strong stability and can adapt to different types of requirements;

2. The plate used in the battery box section is high-quality galvanized steel plate of the national standard GB/T 2518-2008 Continuous Hot Galvanized Steel Sheet and Strip, which is superior to some inferior plate products on the market;

3. The safety protection grade of this product meets the requirements of GB 4208-1993 shell protection grade, and can be applied to many different types of new energy vehicles;

4. This product adopts electrophoretic process, and its paint film has the advantages of plump, uniform, flat and smooth coating. The hardness, adhesion, corrosion resistance and impact performance of electrophoretic paint film are better than other general products on the market.



Smart Battery Box for New energy vehicles application is an innovative and highly efficient power storage solution that enables users to maximize the longevity of their car batteries. It is a compact box made from high-grade aluminum alloy that ensures safe, durable, and optimal performance. The box can be easily installed on any new energy vehicle without needing extra tools or modifications. The Smart Battery Box utilizes advanced charging technology to provide maximum battery life with minimal charging time. It also features intelligent circuits that actively monitor charge levels, temperature, and other parameters in order to optimize the charging process. This helps reduce wear and tear on your battery over time while ensuring its peak performance at all times. Furthermore, it has built-in safety protection measures such as short circuit protection and overcharge prevention which make sure your battery stays safe no matter how tough the conditions are outside. The Smart Battery Box comes with a smart mobile app which allows you to track real-time data of your vehicle’s battery health in detail so you can get timely notifications when it needs recharging or maintenance work done before going out on long trips or during heavy workloads. You can also set up customized settings according to individual usage patterns by simply connecting the device via Bluetooth connection between the box and smartphone app for added convenience. All these features help drivers stay ahead of potential problems related to batteries in their cars so they can enjoy worry-free driving experiences every day!

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