Energy Storage Battery Rack Steel Pipe Angle Steel Sheet Metal Rack

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1. This product has good heat dissipation effect, which makes the battery module operate more efficiently and greatly increases the battery life;

2. The welding process of the product adopts a combination of multiple processes such as secondary arc welding, argon arc welding and laser welding, which strongly guarantees the product quality

3. Anti-corrosion treatment follows the standard of ISO 12944 Corrosion Protection of Steel Structures by Plastic Spraying Process, adopting multiple anti-corrosion processes, including pre-treatment, zinc coating, intermediate layer, surface layer and other multiple treatment processes, and the coating thickness is controlled within 80-120 μ m

4.It has high strength structure, high water process integration and good corrosion resistance.

products specification

Material Cold rolled steel, SECC, SGCC, Al-Zn alloy coated steel, galvanized steel, Aluminum, Steel, Stainless steel, Brass, Copper,Bronze, etc.
Processing Laser cutting, punching, deburring, bending, pressing, welding, riveting, grinding, surface treatment, assembly
Surface treatment powder coating, painting, galvanizing, electroplating, anodising, chromeplating, brushing, polishing, silk-screen, printing
Service Type OEM ODM
Color nickel white / customized

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The energy storage battery rack is made of high-strength steel pipe and angle steel, which has strong impact resistance, durability and reliability. Compared with the traditional battery, the material used in this system is much lighter, but it has considerable bearing capacity. They are also suitable for fast loading and unloading and connection. In addition, the entire energy storage system is also easy to install in general factories or warehouses, which is convenient for users to disassemble and save non-renewable energy on the earth at any time.

Energy storage battery racks are essential for the safe and efficient storage of large batteries. The rack needs to be made from strong, durable materials that can withstand the weight of the batteries as well as any wear and tear associated with frequent use. Steel pipe, angle steel sheet metal, or other heavy-duty metals are commonly used in energy storage battery racks. Each material offers its own unique advantages: steel pipe is strong yet lightweight; angle steel sheet metal provides a sturdy foundation for heavier loads; and other metals provide additional corrosion resistance or fire protection. To ensure maximum safety and durability, these materials should be combined together in a single rack system to create an optimal environment for your specific application.


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