Battery System or Electrical Equipment High Cube Solar Power Energy Storage Container

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Type Control Box Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Service Metal Laser Cutting Bending welding Processing
Material Corten Steel & Q235
Insulaiton and Linner Rock wool insulation Galvernized Panel with holes
Flooring Steel Floor, Ceramic tile floor, PVC Floor
Application communications, Cars, medical, equipment, Photovoltaic,Medical treatment etc.

Our advantages

1. Reliability: The container is made of steel plate with Jinbang plate decoration materials. The thickness of the base material steel plate is wide, the structural strength is high, it is not easy to deform, the seismic resistance is strong, and the internal power distribution facilities are not easy to be affected, which can ensure the reliability of the electrical equipment;

2. Thermal insulation performance: the density of rock wool selected for thermal insulation material is 180kg/㎡, and the thermal conductivity is ≤ 0.04W/(m · K) or above. When the plate is simply supported on the opposite side and bears a uniform load of 0.50kN/m2, its maximum relative deflection is less than 1/250. In addition to the reliability between the top plate, side plate and bottom plate, combined with the intelligent temperature control system, the temperature fluctuation is small, which can ensure that the internal temperature of the container box is kept in a controllable range;

3. Air conditioning and ventilation: The ventilation and heat dissipation mode is a very economical and reliable cooling mode. According to the actual demand, the system selects the air conditioning cooling mode. Under normal operation, the air conditioning is in the cooling mode. When refrigeration is no longer needed, the air conditioner will start the ventilation mode. These two working modes can well adapt to the working environment and control the temperature in the container within the required range.

Moreover, the features of the air conditioner such as high energy efficiency ratio, high sensible heat ratio, refrigeration and heating, separate dehumidification, dual cooling and heating, low temperature refrigeration, emergency ventilation, fully automatic fault diagnosis, remote monitoring, and power-off automatic start enable the stable operation of the product;

4. Operation smoothness: the structural strength, fire and explosion resistance, water and dust prevention, and corrosion resistance of the container-type equipment are well reflected in the later operation and maintenance.

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